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How much does it cost to pressure wash a house

How much does it cost to pressure wash a house?

Pressure washing your home has multiple benefits – it not only increases the curb appeal of your home but also can make it last longer as it reduces instances of mold and mildew. Before we go on to how much it may cost, we need to know a few things about pressure washers first.

How does a pressure wash work?
Pressure washers are machines that work by accelerating water to a high velocity allowing it to get dirt, mold, and other items off of things like concrete, patios, decks, and of course house siding.  These machines can incorporate different tips and dispense soap as well.

Are there different types of pressure washers?
Yes, when it comes to how they are powered they are typically divided into gas and electric. More specifically pressure washers are also organized by their relative power – this comes in the form of Pounds per Square Inch (PSI), with gas typically being stronger than an electric.

What are some pressure washing accessories?
As mentioned before there are different types of tips, that work by expanding or narrowing the stream of water as you see fit. There are also have different types of detergents, wand lengths, and miscellaneous accessories that modify its use in a plethora of ways.

So, how much does it cost to get my house pressure washed?

According to Pressure Washing Spring, who does professional Pressure Washing in Spring, TX, it can vary depending on your location and the size of your home, but expect anywhere from $100 to $300. Driveways are typically a bit easier to do, and can range from $80 to $200, while a deck is particularly difficult and thus starts at $250 and can go as high as $500.

How do I know I’m getting a good company?
A good pressure washing company should have the best in terms of equipment – up and above what you would find at a local hardware store. They should be wary of the most efficient yet environmentally sustainable practices when it comes to doing the actual work.

What do I need to pressure wash my house by myself?
If you think this is a project you can do by yourself then you need to start collecting everything you need. Unless you have a particularly small house you need to invest into a gas washer, the correct spray tips, detergent, along with a few other things.

Why do I need a gas powered pressure washer?
While electric pressure washers are typically cheaper, convenient, and more compact than gas ones, they are noticeably weaker. This lack of power will translate to you unable to break up the really tough stains and dirt on your home, especially if you have a second story.

What types of nozzle do I need?
Unless you are getting it second hand, most pressure washer come with a small tip kit. To spray any detergent you’re going to need the low pressure soaping nozzle, which is typically black. To actually spray off the gunk you’ll need one with a decent range that still has enough pressure.

Do I really need detergent?
I would highly recommend it, as it helps eat away at any grime on the side of your house. This makes the job easier as it can cut down on the overall time along with reducing the risk that you’ll harm the side of your house with too much pressure.

What other attachments do I need?
While not required, there are other attachments like brushes – which help scrub away any stubborn dirt – along with an extension wand that help you clean out both two story siding and gutters from the ground.

Is there any safety concerns I need to be aware of?
Before you start you are going to want to wear basic eye protection in the form of glasses or goggles. You’re also going to want to avoid ladders as it easy to lose balance while you are pressure washing, along with being any power lines.

Okay, I’m ready, how do I start?
Apply the soap from bottom up to avoid the soap mingling with dry spots. Let the detergent sit for around 10 minutes before washing it off, use a 25 to 40 degree spray tip and wash away all the soap. Keep at least 1 foot away from your siding at all times.

Is there anything else I need to know?
Pressure washing they side of your home isn’t a huge deal, but there are reasonably priced services out there if you need them. Washing your home has multiple benefits tied to increasing value and lifespan, and should be done about every two years.