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Will dermaplaning give me stubble?

Will dermaplaning give me stubble?

Dermaplaning is a skin resurfacing procedure that you can get done with your doctor to help give the skin a smoother appearance. It is designed to use a blade in order to remove the top layer of skin in the process. When it is done with the help of a certified professional, you will find that it can be safe and gets rid of some of the old skin so that it has a chance to thrive and be healthy again. But when you do dermaplaning, you may wonder whether it will give you stubble.

The Fountain Of Youth Med Spa, a spa in Greenwood Village, CO, explains that it is common for patients to feel a little bit of stubble when the hair starts to grow back after their session of dermaplaning. This doesn’t mean that the procedure itself caused the issue or that the hair is coarser or thicker. It is more to do with the way that your hair was cut. The hair could feel different after the procedure, but it should have the same color and texture as it did before the dermaplaning occurred.

Let’s take a closer look at dermaplaning and how it works, ensuring that you understand the procedure and can understand why your stubble or hair may feel a little bit different when you are done.

Will I Have Stubble After Dermaplaning?

It is possible that you will have stubble after you are done with dermaplaning, though it is not likely that this will show up right away. The stubble can grow back after a bit when the hair has time to come back. Keep in mind that dermaplaning is a process to help make the skin smoother and refreshed. While the hair does get shaved off as part of the procedure, this is not a treatment for hair growth, so it makes sense that the hair will come back.

You may notice some stubble coming back after a bit with the procedure. A good way to prevent stubble and keep your face smooth and clean is to develop some good shaving practices. It is also uncommon that dermaplaning is going to cause some ingrown hairs as well. Dermaplaning will help to clear off the skin and could be a good solution to help prevent some ingrown hairs if that is a problem for you.

When the hair does grow back after dermaplaning, you will find that it will look exactly the same as it did before you got the treatment. Some patients claim that the hair looks different, but there is no evidence that this is going to happen at all. It is more likely that the patient forgot what the hair looked like exactly before they had the dermaplaning done.

How the Dermaplaning Process Works

The basic concept that comes with dermaplaning is the same as shaving, but rather than using a razor; you will find that there is a scalpel blade that will help remove not only the hair on the face but also the skin cells and other debris that will be found on the surface of the skin.

The top layer of your skin is constantly exposed to irritants, environmental toxins, and UV rays. These all can make the skin appear dull over time. Dermaplaning is going to remove the top layer of skin to help reveal some of the newer skin cells that are beneath, helping your skin look smoother and glowing in the end.

To get the procedure done, the plastic surgeon or other professional will be able to do the dermaplaning procedure for you. You need to make sure that the professional who does it for you will have the right license and training to help get it done. With the right professional, the procedure will be safe and will not need a ton of preparation.

During the procedure, the professional will use a sterilized 10-gauge scalpel that will be held at a 45-degree angle to the skin. They will then pull the skin tight and use the blade to make some short motions against the grain of your hair on the skin. When it is done, they can then apply a moisturizer to the person’s skin before providing them with the requirements that they need to follow to protect the skin when they are done. There is not a lot of downtime required after the procedure is done.

Considering Dermaplaning for Your Skin

When you are tired of having old and dull-looking skin, you may want to consider whether dermaplaning is the right option for you. By removing the top layer, you can give your skin a chance to breathe, allowing it to rejuvenate and feel good again. And when you get it done by a certified professional, you will find that this is one of the safest and most effective methods to make your skin feel as good as new.