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Who Should Design a House, a Builder, a Designer, or an Architect?

Who Should Design a House, a Builder, a Designer, or an Architect?

People that are planning to build a custom house for their family are often meticulous about everything because they want to ensure that their future home is perfectly made from top to bottom. Most of them take their time in finding the right location or area where their house would be constructed to ensure that it is safe, comfortable, and pleasant to live in.

However, after purchasing the land where their house would be erected, some of these people are finding it difficult to decide whether to hire a builder (custom builder), a designer (interior designer), or an architect to design their home.

Well, the truth is that there is no right or wrong choice for this selection explains expert builders in Sutherland Shire, Couvaras Architects. All of them have the proper skills and knowledge that are required to create a house design that is appropriate for your needs. The choice really depends on your situation, preference, and budget.

Who is the Best Person to Design Your House, a Builder, a Designer, or an Architect?

To better understand which of the following would be the right person to design your house, we first need to describe the duties and responsibilities of each individual in order to better decide which of them would best satisfy your specific needs and preferences.

Custom Builder

According to an article published by Bankrate, a custom builder is a person or company that designs and builds custom homes that are based on the client’s specifications and the area’s established building codes and zoning laws.

Most of these individuals or businesses handle both the design and the actual construction of a client’s house. However, you do have the option to hire an architect or an interior designer to design your house and then after that, contract a custom builder to construct the house for you.

Hiring a custom builder to design a house for you can be advantageous because they are the ones that are actually going to build it, which means that their designs are practical and are based on zoning laws and building codes that are applicable to the land area that you have purchased.

Furthermore, because they are the ones that are going to build it, the package price for both the design and construction is much cheaper than hiring a separate architect or designer and then hiring another builder to construct the house for you.

On the other hand, most designs created by custom builders are more focused on structural integrity rather than exterior aesthetics or interior design.

Interior Designer

An interior designer can do much more than just arrange furniture and pick the colors of your walls and ceilings. Most of them are knowledgeable and trained in space planning and architectural design for different types of structures, like hotels, offices, and residential homes. They create aesthetic and functional designs that adhere to the safety rules and regulations of building codes.

However, their designs are more focused on creating beautiful interior spaces rather than on the overall architectural design. Most of them need to collaborate with an architect or a custom builder in order to create a proper and legal design for their clients.


According to Wikipedia, an architect is an individual that creates the design of a house, office, or building. They usually are the ones that oversee its construction to make sure that it is done safely and properly based on the specifications of the design.

These individuals are officially licensed to create designs for your house and they went through the proper education, training, and licensing that are needed to legally create one for you. They are the ones that are held legally responsible for the safety and well being of the people that live inside the structure that they have designed.

Because of this, the designs that they create are more focused on the combination of exterior aesthetics and making sure that the structures are safe to live in.

Which of Them is the Best One to Hire to Design Your House?

As stated above, there is really no correct answer. Each of them can successfully design a beautiful house for you and your family. It really depends upon your preferences.

For example, if you are more concerned about convenience and budget, then hiring a custom builder would be advisable because besides designing it, they will also be the ones that are going to build it for you.

On the other hand, if you are more concerned with interior design and spatial planning, then an interior designer is your best bet. Alternatively, if you are more into exterior design and safety, then an architect is perfect for you.

Final Words

No matter which one you choose, a builder, a designer, or an architect, the reality is that each of them needs to work with one another to create a well-balanced design. A custom builder usually has an architect and an interior designer employed in their company, while an interior designer and an architect collaborate with one another to properly create an overall house design for their clients.