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How to Fix a Garage Door Opener Wall Button

How to Fix a Garage Door Opener Wall Button

We love how our garage door opens automatically. All it takes is a push of a button, which is a big step up from the way garage doors used to open, which is manually. However, there are times when things stop working, and the garage door opener wall button is one of those things. No need to fret though, because it can be fixed.

Nothing May Be Wrong

The garage door opener wall button may indeed not be broken. Did you know that the garage door opener system can be put into vacation mode? This is where the garage door is in a locked position. It is a security measure that the garage door opener uses to keep the garage door locked while one is away.

Sometimes the system can switch into vacation mode, making it so the garage door opener wall button will not open the door. However, the good news is that this can easily be turned off by simply flipping a switch. There should be a button on the garage door opener area. Sometimes it will be blinking.

However, Discount Garage Door, which does garage door opener repair, notes that not all garage door openers have this mode, and this may not be the cause of the garage door opener wall button not working.

You can find more information on the vacation mode for garage door openers at SFGate Home Guides.

Check the Power Supply

Sometimes the garage door wall button will be functioning properly, but the power that it is plugged into will not be working. It is important to check the wall outlet. You can do this by plugging in another electrical item that you know works and see if it comes on in the same plug in used for the garage door opener.

If the plug in use does not power the device that is now plugged in, then the issue is the outlet. Another way to test this is to run an extension cord from an outlet that you know works properly and plugging it into the garage door opener and then checking to see if the button then works.

This YouTube video offers additional information on garage door openers.

Do an Inspection

If any of the above actions did not fix the issue, the wires to the garage door opener wall button will need to be inspected to see if everything is connected correctly. For your safety, be sure to turn the power off while taking the wall button mount off the wall.

Once everything has been unscrewed then you can pull the garage door opener wall button off the wall and check to see if there are any loose wires. For the most part, everything should be color coded, which will make it easier to tell if everything is plugged in properly.

If any of the wires are loose tighten them back up. Make sure that they are all connected properly and in the right position. After this is done, remount the garage door opener wall button and do a test to see if the button is now working. Make sure that the power is turned back on before attempting to test.

Allow the Button to Rest

Have you ever tried to do something repeatedly and then given up only to come back later and the object is functioning just fine? Well, that could be the case with the garage door wall opener button. Sometimes there is an overload system that will have the button stop working for a period of time.

The overload usually kicks on when the garage door wall opener button has been pressed several times in a row. If this is the case, let the wall button rest for a good 30 minutes and then attempt to open the door again.

A Replacement May Be Needed

If everything listed above was attempted, then a replacement may be needed. Sometimes things just quit working over time and will need to be replaced. A garage door opener button can be found online or at local hardware stores. Make sure you purchase one that fits the one you already have. Replacement is simple.

How To Replace A Garage Door Opener Wall Button

  1. Find the proper garage door opener wall button and purchase it.
  2. Turn off all power. This is very important to reduce the risk of electrical shock.
  3. Unscrew the garage door opener wall button mount. Once it is unscrewed, you will be able to remove the old one.
  4. Remove the old button. Be careful when removing wires.
  5. Replace the old one with the new garage door opener wall button. Make sure all of the wires and the ground are plugged into the proper places. Once done, restore power and test.