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How Much Do Movers Cost for a Local Move?

How Much Do Movers Cost for a Local Move?

Moving can be such a fun experience. You get to meet new people and live in a brand new place. However, moving everything is a really big chore. There are several different costs, depending on how far you want to move and what kind of items that are being moved. Moves don’t have to be exhausting. We Like To Move It, Move It!!, a my local Lynnwood movers, has shared some tips and information on moving locally.

What Is Considered a Local Move?

Let’s face it, some of us live in a spread out area. That means miles of country land but all within the same city or town. Sometimes what may seem like a local a move across town may not be so local to a moving company. There is a lot to take into consideration. However, most moving companies will charge by the mile, so this helps greatly in determining the cost.

While moving local usually means within the same state, a lot of moving companies will help out if the move is within a certain number of miles. Some people are only moving a mile into another state, so this kind of exception can help that person greatly. It is important to talk with the moving company of your choice to see what their policies are.

Do They Charge by Weight?

Moving companies will sometimes charge by the weight. The final price will vary greatly on what it is that is being moved and how much it weighs. Most of the time the truck’s weight will be reweighed again once it is filled with all of the items to be moved.

The great thing about professional moving companies is that they can actually give you an estimated figure. A professional can come into the home and assess the items that are to be moved and guess the average weight giving you a roundabout figure.

You can find more information on how moving companies charge by weight at Moving.com.

Is There a Price Per Hour?

There is certainly a price per hour per each mover when using a professional moving company. While the mover does not take the full profit of the price for the hour, there is still a charge per mover per hour. The average price per mover by the hour is around $25 to $50. That does not include any specialty items.

Specialty items are items that will need extra care when moved. These are usually very fragile items or items that are very sentimental to the customer. They will be wrapped and packaged in a way that adds extra protection so that nothing gets damaged during the move.

Is There a Price Per Square Foot?

Sometimes movers will charge a set price for a certain number of square feet. The more square feet you are trying to pack, the more it will cost. This is because on average the larger a home is in square feet, the more items and furniture will need to be moved. This definitely increases the weight as well.

You can read more information about how movers charge per square foot at My Moving Reviews.

Remember the Extra Items

Not everything is included in the standard price of a moving project. Some things like above ground swimming pools and swing sets will be an additional cost. It is very important to ask the moving company if they will even move these larger items because some companies do not. To be certain you can ask for a list of items they do not move.

Does a Truck Cost More?

A truck or van can be rented to move items. This will be an additional cost. The price will vary depending on how large of a truck or van you will need. On average, the price to rent a truck starts at around $50 and goes up from there. Plus, the mileage put on the vehicle will probably be an additional charge. Of course, this all depends on the moving company and their policy.

Does Moving Past the Local Limit Cost More?

It can certainly add up in price. You can get a huge discount for moving in a local area. This saves moving companies the gas that it takes to move your items far away. Some moving companies will not move items out of state or past a certain number of miles.

It is very convenient to be able to move locally. The price is not as much as moving out of state. However, if you are planning on moving out of state, hiring a moving company is really worth every penny because it saves a lot of time and money in the end.