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How Do I Plan a Landscape Layout?

How Do I Plan a Landscape Layout?

Changing up the landscape in your yard can be a great way to take some of your visions and turn them into reality. When this is done well, you will be able to turn your yard into your own special place, a place where you enjoy spending a lot of time and having some fun. But how do you plan out a landscape layout?

To plan a landscape layout, you need to start by evaluating your current landscape, according to

Sarasota Landscaping Design, who provides expert landscape design in Sarasota. Take a look at the amount of space that you have right now and some of the things that you would like to change about the layout.

You can then choose some of the best landscape features that you would like to add to there, create your own base map, and then finalize the design as you put it all together to get a great look.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the steps you can take to create a new landscape layout with the space you have available. 

Evaluate Your Landscape

Sometimes you will be limited on what you can do based on your current landscape. While you may like to turn the backyard into a huge oasis with a lot of great options, if you have a small yard, this may not be possible. You will need to do a good evaluation of your landscape to see what is there and what all you can fit into the backyard to meet your needs. 

Choose the Landscape Features

Now that you have a good sense of some of the things that you need to change about the landscape, it is time to consider some of the things that you could add. This can really be about personal preference so take some time to envision how the yard will look and what items you would like to have. Some of the items that you can consider in the backyard include:

  1. Steps: You can choose from many different types of steps including timber and brick, stone, and concrete. 
  2. Paths: Have a nice path go around the backyard, leading to a sitting area or to another important part of your yard. 
  3. Structures: Are you interested in adding some structures to the backyard to help it look and feel better. Things like a lattice arbor, pergola, fence, or a screened seating area can be great options. 
  4. Walls; Depending on the look that you would like to have in the back, a wall can look nice as well, whether you choose to go with a stone or a timber one. 
  5. Decks and patios: These can look nice and add in some more living space to the backyard. Be creative in some of the ways that you do these to liven up the space. 
  6. Other elements: There are a ton of different elements that you can add in as well. Things like a garden shed, ponds and waterfalls, window boxes, outdoor lighting, and more. 

You may need to consider working with a professional to help you design your new landscaping layout. They can give some great ideas based on your budget to ensure that you can come up with an idea that is amazing for your needs. 

Create a Base Map

The base map is going to include the current yard, the house, and any other items that are in the yard that you do not plan to change, like your trees and any walkways or buildings that you plan to keep there as you do the work.

This is just the base of what you will need to use for your layout and gives you a better idea as you work as to what will fit in each area. It may be a good idea to make a few of these so you can work through a few of your ideas as they come.

Finalize the Design

Now that the base maps are done, you are able to have some fun and divide up the yard. Sometimes just making circles in each area and then drawing in what you would like to add to each place will make it easier.

Or you can be more detailed if you have an artistic flair and have each of the components that you would like to add. Try this out on a few of the different parts to ensure that you will get a good idea of what you want in each place. 

Creating a landscape layout does not have to be difficult. This is all about your imagination and what seems to fit in there the most. When you are ready to make some changes to the way that your yard looks and you want to turn it into a place where you can relax and have some fun, then making your own landscape layout could be the best decision for you.