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How Often Should Air Conditioning Be Serviced?

How Often Should Air Conditioning Be Serviced?

Your air conditioner is an important part of your home. When those summer months start to get hot and warm, you need to make sure that the air conditioner is going to last a long time, rather than leaving you sweltering hot in your home.

Servicing the air conditioner is a great way to make sure that everything is fixed so the air conditioner will work well for you. But how often should you service your air conditioner?

Homeowners should service their air conditioners once a year at a minimum, according to Eastern Air Conditioning. They provide services like air conditioning installation in Sutherland Shire. Many newer units can go longer if you need, but sticking with a service once a year will help keep the air conditioner in good working order.

With these services, it is easier to catch some of the potential problems that may come up with your air conditioner so you can get them fixed before the hot summer months.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why you should service your air conditioner once a year and how this can keep the air conditioner working when you need it the most.

When Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

When you own your home, you need to keep up with all of the different maintenance to make sure your home will be in good shape for a long time.

One of the components that you need to focus on will be the air conditioner. If you are asking how long you can go without servicing the air conditioner, then this is a sign that you have waited too long.

It is possible to avoid servicing your air conditioner system for a few years, especially if the system is newer. However, to make sure that the air conditioner lasts a long time and there are no surprise bills along the way, it is a good idea to service it at least once a year. You should do the home furnace and the air conditioner at the same time.

You can write down the date in your calendar or set up routine maintenance automatically with some of your favorite HVAC professionals. This will help you not forget about the servicing and can make sure that you are on the list for this from the very start. The better care you take of your air conditioner, the longer it will last you.

What Happens During the AC Service?

During routine maintenance of your AC unit, an HVAC professional will take a complete look at the AC unit from top to bottom. This helps them to spot any potential issues with the system. As they go through this, they will make suggestions on the best AC repairs to help you keep that unit up and running during the hot summer months.

When you avoid doing a service on the air conditioner, you may miss some of the important things that need to be fixed. Catching these potential problems early on, rather than allowing them to become a problem, is going to ensure that you save time and money and that the AC unit lasts a long time.

What Time of Year is the Best for an AC Unit Service?

As we mentioned, servicing your AC unit once a year is a great idea to help it last longer. But when is the best time of year to get this servicing done? Many people choose to get this system done at the end of a long summer season. They want to get the AC system checked out after using it all summer to ensure it is ready for the winter.

While this is not a bad idea, most HVAC specialists will suggest that you schedule this service sometime in late spring.

This ensures that the unit is still good after a long winter and will actually work for you. Doing this before the weather gets too hot will ensure all potential problems are fixed on time.

The key thing here is to do it in late spring, and not into summer. If you wait until the last minute, you may find that all the HVAC specialists in your area are already booked up and will not be able to help you out. And no one wants to be stuck in their hot homes with a new air conditioner.

Getting Your Air Conditioner Serviced

A newer air conditioner may be able to go a little longer without needing a service since it is so new. But it is always a good idea to get into the habit of servicing your air conditioner each year.

Waiting for longer than this can ruin the air conditioner and may turn small problems into something very big. With the right HVAC specialist, you will be able to gain control over your AC unit and can enjoy a nice cool summer.