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What Is a Modular Elevator?

What Is a Modular Elevator?

We all know what an elevator is, but what about modular elevators? What gives these types of elevators such a special name and what makes them different from any other elevator? Well, all of these questions can be answered here with very interesting information that you may find highly useful. Take a look for yourself!

What Are Modular Elevators?

A modular elevator is made with the highest quality materials and is manufactured in a plant that creates a controlled space during the building process. The towers that modular elevators go in are pre-assembled and ready to fit. The modular elevator is the most efficient transportation system for elevator systems.

According to Modular Elevator Manufacturing, Inc., which does modular elevator manufacturing in San Fernando, CA, modular elevators can be as small as two stories or they can go all the way up to seven stories high. They meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for safety and regulations. While other elevators may go much higher, modular elevators usually do not go above seven stories high.

What Are Modular Elevators Made of?

The cars of a modular elevator are made of the highest quality steel. That makes them super durable and safe. They are constructed with tubular steel that is often welded to secure the hold. The making of the cars involves a lot of care to ensure safety and durability.

Every elevator will require maintenance no matter what kind of elevator it is, but a modular elevator requires very little maintenance. It is important to note that while modular elevators require little maintenance, a regular check up is always important.

How Is a Modular Elevator Installed?

Modular elevators are installed with the most careful design. Often a crane will come in and place the elevator in the proper setting. This is done strictly by professionals and the matter is handled with a ton of care and professionalism. While customization is very important to a lot of buyers, the modular elevator is usually placed using a crane.

Bolts will anchor the modular elevator in place, making it secure and safe to use. A full check and inspection will be done before the modular elevator is able to be used. This keeps everyone safe and ensures a proper installation of the modular elevator.

While most elevators can take several weeks to install, the modular elevator can be installed in one single day efficiently. While sometimes it may take a little more time to install, the average time that a modular elevator is installed is at least one day with not much more time to follow.

What Powers A Modular Elevator?

A modular elevator can be powered one or two ways. Machine roomless technology is one of those ways. This is exactly as stated. No room full of equipment will be needed to power the modular elevator. Another way that modular elevators are powered is by hydraulic holeless or inground jacks. Each way is very efficient and effective at powering a modular elevator. They each meet all safety protocols as well. Safety is always number one.

Are Modular Elevators Pre-Engineered?

While a lot of other elevators are not pre-engineered, modular elevators are pre-engineered. This provides a lot of benefits for the buyer. This is because it saves a lot of money to pre-engineer something, which in the long run will save everyone money in the end. By modular elevators being pre-engineered it also saves a lot of time, which is valuable.

You can find more information about how a pre-engineered elevator is made and how it can save a ton of time and a ton of money in this informational YouTube video.

Where Are Modular Elevators Usually Found?

Modular elevators can be found in many different types of buildings. Because modular elevators are so safe but yet still so affordable, people often opt to purchase modular elevators. The settings include large buildings, public places and private homes, but the list of possible location is endless. The versatility of modular elevators makes them useful almost anywhere.

Is Customization Available?

Another reason that modular elevators are so convenient is that they can be customized to fit particular buildings. In fact, most places that cannot be equipped with traditional elevators find that a modular elevator is often a better option because they can be made to fit just about anywhere with very few alterations.