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Fun Things to Do in Birmingham, UK

Fun Things to Do in Birmingham, UK

Are you planning a trip to Birmingham in the UK, and want to know what to do? You’ve come to the right place! Going to a new place can be overwhelming, and you want to make the most of your time there. Researching ideas and trips can be hard to sift through and decide what will really be worth the money and time.

So, what are fun things to do in Birmingham, UK? Quest City Life, entertainment in Birmingham, says it depends on what kind of entertainment you are looking for. Everyone has different tastes, and may love solving puzzles over visiting scenic sights or visa versa. Check out these places below divided by what you may want to do while in Birmingham, UK.

Check out these must-see sights and experiences on your next visit, or even first visit, to Birmingham, UK!


Scenic Sights

Perhaps you’re traveling to Birmingham to see it’s iconic sights that you can’t find anywhere else around the world. Here are some examples:

  1. Symphony Hall

This concert hall is a well known tourist sight for being one of – if not the – best in the world. With beautiful auditoriums and acoustics that every concert hall only wishes it could achieve, this is one of the best things to see while you’re out in Birmingham. They showcase music and even stand-up comedy! You could find something you like there, so feel free to check out what’s playing when you make your trip there.

  1. National Sea Life Center

The National Sea Life Center is not just any kind of aquarium, but a masterpiece of aquatic engineering. You and your guests will enjoy how beautiful this center is, on top of being blown away with all the sea life they have to offer. You can even feed the penguins for an extra fee. This can be a fun trip for you and your friends or family. Kids love it, too!

  1. Winterbourne House and Garden

If touring Edwardian era homes is your thing, the Winterbourne House is one of the greats. Offering beautiful rooms, antiques and artwork catered to the era, anyone could feel like a time traveler. Plus, you have the botanical gardens to explore, which offers over 6,000 plant species. The entrance fee is pretty cheap, so it’s a fun and inexpensive sight to see. Just make sure to check the weather before heading out!


Fun-Filled Experiences

Perhaps you’re traveling to Birmingham for more of an adventure with a couple of good friends. Scenic sights are great, but you want more than just some good pictures to remember your trip by. Check out some of these places to have a bit of fun, too!

  1. Damascena Coffee House

This Middle Eastern themed coffee house transports you into what a coffee shop is like in a Middle Eastern country. From its beautiful color scheme to products they serve, not to mention all the dietary options they have to offer. Even the pickiest eater can find something to eat or drink here. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable places in the city!

  1. Quest City Life

Don’t feel up to going on a boring old tour of the city to learn about its history? What if you could be solving riddles and puzzles along the way to scenic sights around the city? This experience can incorporate both in one unforgettable tourist experience. This can even be fun for people who live in Birmingham, and want to do it simply for the riddles and puzzles!

Quest City Life is also offering more riddle and puzzle games that will incorporate alcohol, antidotes and Museums in the near future. Feel free to try out the History game first, and return to try out some of their other experiences, too! You can book an event with them here!

  1. Grand Prix Karting

If you’re a fan of Go-Karting, you’ll be in heaven on this track. It is the largest in the UK, and was designed by professionals in the field to be one of the best tracks around. It’s a mile out of Birmingham, but can easily be accessed via public transportation. This will be a fun experience for your friends or family to see and try out while you’re visiting Birmingham!

  1. Cadbury World

This is the perfect spot to visit for all those chocolate lovers out there! This experience will cover all there is to know about Cadbury chocolate. From how it’s made, to its origin, and even about its founder! You’ll learn all about it in a 4-D ride that immerses you in chocolate the whole way through. Afterward, you can visit the Cadbury Cafe where you can buy all the chocolate your heart desires!


To Summarize

We’ve covered multiple places you can go while you’re visiting Birmingham. We hope you’ve found this list both informative and inspiring to what you’ll see on your trip there! Whether you want to go for the beautiful sights or experience fun-filled adventures, Birmingham has so much to offer!