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Does the Realtor Schedule the Home Inspection

Does the Realtor Schedule the Home Inspection?

Hiring a realtor to help you during a purchase of a home makes a lot of sense. They can help negotiate all of the purchase agreements to make sure that the buyer is getting a good price on the home. They work with you all the way through closing as well. And many buyers use the realtor to help schedule all of the appointments that have to be completed before signing the paperwork. But is the realtor able to schedule home inspections for the buyer?

The realtor can schedule the home inspection for their buyers. The realtor often has a list of home inspectors and other professionals in their network that they can call up and get the inspection scheduled much faster than the buyer can do on their own. Gulf Coast Home Inspections, who is a top home inspector in Sarasota, advises that the buyer is the one in charge here, and if there is a specific home inspector they want to go with or they want to schedule the inspection on their own, that is an option as well. Most buyers choose to let the realtor handle the inspections to make things easier.

A home inspection is going to be a smart decision. It helps you to find major problems with the home and will ensure that you have peace of mind when you make the purchase. Let’s take a look at the home inspection and how the realtor can be there to assist the buyer during the home purchase.

Do I Need to Schedule My Home Inspection?

While there are situations where you may decide to not have a home inspection done on a property you plan to purchase, it is often a good idea to get this inspection done to keep you safe. You never know what major issues are found in a home and knowing about these ahead of time can help you negotiate with the seller to get a better price or to get the home fixed.

But many buyers are going to have a lot of things that they need to juggle when it comes to buying the home and moving. They may wonder whether they need to personally schedule a home inspection or if they can work with the realtor to help get this done.

If you are working with a realtor, then you can ask them to schedule the home inspection for you. They can look at their network of contacts to find a good home inspector who can handle your situation and the unique property that you plan to purchase. They will also coordinate with the sellers to find a good time to get the inspection done. Make sure that they know about your schedule so that you can attend the home inspection and learn what was found with the home.

What If I Have a Specific Home Inspector I Want to Work with?

Most home buyers trust their agent to provide them with a good home inspector. This is why they hired the agent in the first place. If you want to take one more thing off your plate when you are busy with that big move, then you can trust your real estate agent to pick out the home inspector and to get the scheduling done.

However, the buyer is allowed to request their own home inspector as well. If there is a company that you would prefer to work with, or there is a specific company you would like to avoid, then let your realtor know. They will be able to help get you scheduled with the home inspector you want to use, helping you get the high-quality service that you are looking for.

What if My Realtor Doesn’t Schedule the Home Inspection?

If your realtor does not schedule this home inspection and you requested it, you may need to get this scheduled on your own. You need to also have a talk with your agent because they are supposed to work for you and make your job easier. If you want them to handle things and they are not stepping up, you need to look into the reasons why and consider a different agent to help you complete the process.

Choosing a Home Inspector for Your Home Purchase

A home inspector is a smart decision when you are moving into a new home. Failure to get one done puts you at risk. If a major problem is found with the home after you move in, you are responsible for it, regardless of what the problem is or whether the seller knew about it or not. A home inspection only takes a few hours and may provide you with a way to negotiate or get the problem fixed before you move in. Make sure to find a good home inspector and get the inspection done to give you peace of mind on this major expense.