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As you get prepared to put new windows on your home, you may have a lot of questions for the contractor that you choose to work with. You want to make sure that you are fully informed about this whole process so there are no surprises along the way.

One question that you may have is whether your windows will be installed from the inside or the outside of your home.

According to Plano Home Window Replacement, most windows are going to be installed from the outside of your home. They are experts in window installation in Plano. This is the most convenient way to do them and can help keep as much mess outside of the home as possible.

Keep in mind that contractors are also going to need access to the inside of the home to help get some of the work done as well. But when the windows are installed, the work will be mostly done outside.

Let’s take a closer look at how windows are installed and why a contractor will choose to do the installation from the outside rather than on the inside.

Are Windows Installed from the Inside or Outside?

Most contractors are going to take the time to install the windows from the outside of your home. This can help them to line things up well and can keep as much of the mess on the outside of the home as possible. They will need to have access to the inside of the home to finish up some of the work.

This means that you should be prepared for a mess to be present for both parts of the home and should put away all of the items that you are not going to want to get dirty along the way.

The reason that most contractors are going to prefer installing the windows from the outside of the home is that it is often easier. The outer wall of your home is often going to be a little bit wider compared to the inside wall. This provides a larger opening that can make it easier to get the window in place and ensures that the whole thing fits in a bit better.

To help with offsetting windows where the interior opening is going to be larger than the outside one, it is possible for the windows to be installed from inside the home as well.

It will depend on how your home is organized and built so the contractor may need to take a look at your home and see what will work the best. For most homes though, the windows will be installed from the outside because this is easier.

Will the Contractor Need to Come Into My Home?

When you are getting your windows replaced, it is likely that the contractor will need to come into your home at some point to work on the windows. This is true whether the windows are being installed on the inside or the outside of your home. The amount of time that they spend in the home will depend on the project.

For example, when the contractor is able to install the windows from the outside, then they will not need to spend a lot of time inside the home at all. They may just come in on occasion to check out the windows, make sure things are lined up, and to add some more stability to the windows to keep them in place.

However, if the design of your home is such that the contractor will need to install the windows from inside the home, then you must get ready for them to spend more time inside your home as well. They will need to spend the time that it takes to install the windows.

They will likely still do some of the measuring and cutting outside, so they will not need to be inside all the time but be prepared for them to be there longer.

If there are some items in the home that you would prefer not to get messy, then it is important to remove them ahead of time to avoid problems. Put them away someplace safe so they will not get all the dust and wood on them and that nothing will get broken while the windows are installed.

Getting Your Windows Installed

Your contractor will be able to take some time to discuss the installation process with you. this will ensure that you are getting the right windows done for your home and that they will fit well.

While most contractors will choose to install the window from the outside, based on the design of your home, a few may need to do it from the inside. Even when they install from the outside, many contractors will need access to your home to finish the work too.