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Can I Do A Loft Conversion In A Council House?

Who can have a loft conversion done?

A loft conversion is usually done by a house owner or the original property owner. However when you’re living in a council house, which is owned by the government, it’s a valid question to ask if you’re permitted to carry out a loft conversion, or if this is an obligation of the council. It is very possible for a council house tenant to have a need for more space or to create an extra room. This can be done, but it is very necessary that you know what it really entails, advises Carai Lofts, a seasoned contractor that handles loft conversions in London.


Responsibilities and boundaries of a council house tenant

As an occupant of a council house, the basic maintenance of the house and its immediate surrounding is your responsibility. Things such as cleaning, and minor repairs should be handled by the house occupants. Other things also, such as personal decorations and fixes are obligations of the tenant, and require no special approval before they can be carried out.

However major alterations to the structure of the building requires more attention. Alterations such as adjusting, extending or conversion of parts of the building must get a formal approval from the council association.

In fact, it is the duty of the council to embark on such projects directly. Hence, it would be illegal to make such major conversions without the knowledge of the relevant authorities.

As a result, it would be advisable to speak to your housing council first to know if something such as a loft conversion can be done in your house.


Council house tenants can get authorized for loft conversion

It is important to note that in some cases, some tenants might be authorized to make some improvement to your house. Thus, if you notice that a neighbour is having a loft conversion, then it would be advisable that you ask what his/her tenancy agreement entails before considering the same for your own building.


Tenancy agreements

Some tenancy agreement entitles the house-owner to make a grand scale home improvement. In the UK, there are Introductory Tenants who do not have the permission to make serious alterations to the building. However they can have minor interior renovations, decorations and fixes as they want to.

There are also Secure Tenants, who have a right to carry out major improvements on the structure of the building including loft conversion. This however requires that they get a written permission before they can get start work on such modifications. The details for approval must, however, be retrieved from the council’s local authority.


Who bears the costs?

Many occupants of council houses usually ask if the costs for a loft conversion would be borne by the council. This is not usually the case, and such requests are usually turned down.

In fact, the process for getting a planning permission is usually quite tough, so it is clearly unexpected that you would get funded to make a loft conversion as a tenant.

However, there have been given instances in which the council showed some leniency. This could happen in cases of overcrowding within the spaces available or other peculiar cases.

In any case, even if you are permitted to have a loft conversion in your council house, then you must ensure that the project is carried out by loft conversion specialists who adhere to the regulations given. Also, you must ensure that the appropriate materials are used, and that the conversion is a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly project.


Consult the appropriate housing authorities to make enquiries

The best option would be to consult your local housing officer, explain your need and get some advice. You would also be required to provide all the necessary details such as measurements on the loft size, roof type, floor type, etc.

These would help to understand the feasibility of a loft conversion in such a building. Sometimes, due to the building capacity, an occupant may be advised against getting a loft conversion.

Also, the council may recommend a loft conversion specialist for you if your proposal gets approved. Someone with the right skills can help you get the work done efficiently and even offer advice on the best approach to take.

In any case, getting permission for a loft conversion largely depends on the housing legislation in your location, as well as the requirements entailed.

It is, therefore, clear that a loft conversion in a council house is possible, although it might require a lengthier period of authorization. If doing this is not permissible, you may be advised to buy the property from the government, and get the needed conversion done, or you may have to look for other options outside the council house.

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