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Is Uber Responsible for Accidents?

Is Uber Responsible for Accidents?

If you are an Uber driver or user, you might have questions. One common concern is whether Uber handles accidents. Accidents can happen anywhere, even if you’re on an Uber ride, explains a Los Angeles Uber accident lawyer, The Dominguez Firm. If this happens, who handles the damage, injuries, and repairs. Let’s see who handles accidents when an Uber driver is behind the wheel.

Is Uber Responsible for Accidents?

The answer to this question is complex. An accident is the responsibility of the driver. Uber does cover drivers when they are driving for Uber. When Uber drivers are driving for personal use, Uber doesn’t cover them.

If you get in an accident in an Uber, the Uber driver is responsible. Uber itself is not responsible. This is because Uber drivers are not employees. They are independent contractors. 

Uber has insurance in place for drivers. Drivers do not get the other benefits that employees do. 

If the accident is caused by another driver, the typical insurance procedures follow. You are not at fault. If the driver doesn’t have insurance, Uber’s insurance will apply. 

What Happens If You Are Injured in an Uber Accident?

There is a chance you would get in an accident while in an Uber. Who handles your injuries? This is complex because Uber is involved. It’s not as simple as other accidents may be. 

If you are injured in an Uber accident, you are covered by Uber’s insurance. Any of your injuries will be taken care of through Uber. You won’t have to use your own insurance because you weren’t driving. 

Should You Sue Uber? 

It won’t work to sue Uber if you are injured in an accident. This is because the driver is to blame. It is not Uber’s fault. If you attempt to sue Uber, you won’t get very far. This should only be a last resort. There are many procedures in place to hold the driver accountable. 

What Does Uber Want You to Do If There is an Accident?

According to Uber, you should follow these steps.

1. Make sure everyone is safe. This includes those in the Uber and the other vehicle.

2. Call the police and paramedics.

3. Contact Uber to let them know about the accident.

In the Uber app, you can contact Uber about accidents. You will go to Trip and Fare Review > I was involved in an accident. There, you can detail the accident. Later, you will be contacted by Uber.

These steps are like what you would do in case of any car accident. 

How Does Car Insurance Work with Uber?

According to Answer Financial, Uber may have an effect on personal auto insurance. This is because the vehicle is being used for ride-sharing.

In some states, a ride-sharing endorsement is available. This allows the personal auto insurance to be valid when the insured is driving Uber.

Uber provides coverage to drivers while they are driving for Uber. This is how drivers are protected in case of an accident. 

What Coverage Does Uber Provide?

According to Nolo, the coverage depends on when the accident happens.

· Period 0: When the driver is not logged into the Uber app, Uber provides no coverage.

· Period 1: When the driver is logged into the app but has not yet accepted a ride request, Uber provides liability coverage for any accident that is the fault of the driver, up to $50,000 per person injured in an accident, and $100,000 total injury liability per accident, and $25,000 property damage liability.

· Period 2: When the driver has accepted a trip and is on the way to pick-up, liability coverage increases to $1 million.

· Period 3: When the rider is in the car, ending at drop-off. Liability coverage of up to $1 million, plus limited coverage for damage to the driver’s car, and uninsured motorists’ coverage.

Before, Uber only covered drivers when a passenger was in the car. Because of this, they faced several lawsuits. That’s why there are levels or periods of coverage.

Do Uber Drivers Have Special Licenses? 

In some states, Uber drivers need commercial driver’s licenses. Without one where needed, an Uber driver can be prosecuted. Getting in an accident is one way that this can happen. A commercial auto insurance policy isn’t enough in this case. An Uber driver may have a commercial driver’s license, but it varies by state. 


You might drive for Uber. Maybe you use Uber often to catch a ride. Either way, it’s important to know how this service works. Though an accident is unlikely, it’s good to know what will happen. Uber covers drivers when using the Uber app. This is because their personal insurance may not allow for ride-sharing.