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How Much Does It Cost to Design a Website

How Much Does It Cost to Design a Website?

Designing a website may be the right move for you. Whether you already have one or are just getting started, finding the right template and your budget can help you figure out your next steps. But if you are not a professional website designer or want one professionally done, then you may be wondering how much a nice website costs. Guelph Website Design (https://guelphwebsitedesign.ca) has shared some details on the different options and costs.

The good news is that nowadays with the advancement of technology, you don’t have to be an expert in the field to create a website. There are websites that do most of the work for you and before you know it, you have the general equipment you need to have a website. It all depends on what type of website you need, but in general you will start with a domain name, website builder, and web hosting. Your budget and requirements will determine how much these will cost.

Why Is Building a Website Important?

Building a website is important because it will most likely be the face of your company. Most people nowadays search online before even walking in the door to your company, store, or restaurant. Having a high quality, well presented, and easy to use website will make you stand out in the crowd of your competitors and your potential client or customer.

Choosing a Domain Name

The domain name refers to the name that your customers or visitors will type in to find your website, such as Google.com Domain names can range anywhere from $10-$50+ depending on what site you buy your domain name from. Your website host site may give you a domain name for free.

According to AllBusiness, a domain name is quite important to building your website. It adds credibility to your small business, adds mobility to your internet presence, the right domain may attract walk-in business, and a domain builds your brand.

Choosing a Website Builder

Whether you are a beginner or know your way around a website, you will first need to find a website builder to create a website. It does not matter how great you are at creating a website; nowadays, it’s really just about clicking a button and voila your website is up and running.

The plus side of using a website builder is that the templates are already at your fingertips, you can use plugins such as SEO tags, and can avoid having to write code in most cases. Depending if you would like to use it for free or pay a yearly subscription to use the more advanced settings, a website builder can cost any from free to $500+.

Choosing a Website Hosting Company

According to IsItWP, “Oftentimes, the term web hosting refers to the company that rents out their computer/servers to host your website and provides internet connectivity to ensure your website is available online around the clock.” Web hosting helps companies ensure that their websites are running smoothly but also keeping your website safe and secure from scammers.

Hiring a Web Designer

Hiring a web designer may be a great option for you if you need a professionally developed website. Hiring a web designer or developer may be the person you need to develop your website. Finding the right one that fits your budget and sees your vision can be a great deal and, in the end, although you may be spending a bit more, you will be saving time, energy, and hours of frustration.

Online Advertising

Now that you have your website up and running, another thing you need to start thinking about is how you are going to get people to see your website. Online marketing is the way to go, whether you post it on Facebook, send emails, share with friends, etc. Online marketing will be your next big expense.

According to Chron, “Many businesses devote between 20 and 30 percent of their total annual budget to advertising and marketing during the first and second years. If you are purchasing an existing business that is already well established, 7 to 10 percent of your total budget should be adequate.”

Making sure to target your SEO and finding the right marketing tools will help you expand your business using your new website. Knowing what market to target will help to know what marketing you should use, whether it be advertising through social media ads, paying for Google ads, or using offline advertising methods.

Anything you use to build your website and brand can result in returning customers or viewers. Knowing what budget to set for advertising and building your website can also help you keep costs reasonable. But spending quite a few dollars to boost your website’s potential may be worth it in the end.