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Can You Whiten Composite Veneers?

Can You Whiten Composite Veneers?

When you have veneers in your smile, you may notice that they start to change colors and may not look as bright and beautiful as they did when you first put them in. This can happen due to the food and drinks that you enjoy on a daily basis. But as they start to lose some of the brightness that you want from them, you may wonder whether you can whiten the veneers safely.

You should not whiten your composite veneers explains a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, Song Cosmetic Dentistry. While this may seem like a great idea to remove some of the discolorations that show up over time, the resin in the veneers is not going to work well with the whitening. You can use other methods to help take care of the veneers and make sure that they can last you for a long time and will still look amazing.

Let’s take a closer look at why you shouldn’t try to whiten your composite veneers and how you can take care of your smile to keep it bright and looking amazing for years to come.

Should I Whiten My Veneers?

There are many great whitening agents that you can choose to use for your smile. They are there to give brightness to your teeth, especially if they have been discolored over the years. If you have veneers, you may wonder whether you can use some of these whitening agents to help you take care of the smile and make it a bit brighter.

If you have veneers, even if they start to get yellow and don’t look as good as new, you should not use whitening agents on them. Most veneers are made out of composite resin, at least the kind that is likely to become yellow and discolored. This resin is not going to do well when it comes to the chemicals in most whitening products.

You may assume that you are doing something great for your teeth when you choose a safe whitening agent. But since the veneer is not made out of the same materials as your teeth, it is not going to react to the whitening agent the same way as your teeth either. The whitening agent could end up harming the teeth and ruining your smile.

How Do Veneers Become Discolored?

When you get your new veneers in the first place, you will fall in love with the white smile that you get in the process. But what will happen when you start to notice they change colors, and what are some of the main causes that will make the discoloration happen in the first place?

There are two materials that occur when you are looking at veneers for your smile. They can either be made out of a porcelain material or a composite resin. Porcelain veneers are designed so that they won’t become stained or discolored, so this will not be a problem for you, and you won’t have to worry about using a whitening agent.

However, most patients are going to choose to go with a composite resin veneer. These can start to stain on the surface. This will most likely happen when you drink tea, coffee, or red wine and even due to some of the foods that you eat. They will slowly start to stain when you normally eat, just like with your regular teeth.

How Can I Keep the Veneers Clean?

Just because you can’t use a whitening agent on your veneers doesn’t mean that you can’t whiten them and make them look good. Professionals dental cleanings are a good place to start because they will help you to remove some of the surface stains that are present. 

Your dentist will be able to set this up and make sure that the right cleaning agents are used to make the smile look good, even with veneers.

Regular brushing and flossing will do wonders when it comes to keeping your veneers as clean as possible. You can ask your dentist for some recommendations if you are worried about how this is going to work. Be careful with the foods you eat and the drinks that you enjoy because they could end up causing some stains and damage to the veneers as well if you enjoy them too often.

Taking Care of Your Veneers

Your veneers can help you take good care of your smile, helping it to look bright and beautiful for a long time to come. But when it starts to get discolored and yellow, it is tempting to find some whitening agent to try and help it. This is a bad idea and could end up ruining your veneers and your smile. Try some of the other options that we discussed to see how well you can take care of the veneers.