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When you are installing your double pane windows, you want to make sure that you are going with ones that are going to last a long time, ones that are durable, and ones that can help to provide more energy efficiency throughout your whole home.

Most of the double-pane windows that you choose will add an extra level of protection thanks to a special type of gas that is put inside. But what type of gas is used?

Argon gas is typically the gas used in new windows to help shield the glass. While there is a complex chemical reaction that allows the argon gas to be efficient, it all boils down to argon gas presenting some extra protection to your windows when it is present, explains Denton Home Window Replacement. The company is experienced in installing and repairing home windows in Denton.

Since this gas is denser than air, it is going to help contribute to the captive air found in double pane windows. This provides more insulation and energy efficiency in your home.

Let’s take a closer look at what argon gas is, why it is used inside of your double pane windows, and how it can be beneficial in any windows that you decide to install.

Why is Argon Gas Used?

Argon gas is going to be used to help increase the energy efficiency as well as the general performance found in any thermal windows that you choose. Gases including argon are preferable to regular air because regular air will also have moisture.

This moisture will condense inside of the glass and can make all of your windows cloudy. Regular air that we breathe in is going to be less effective at doing the job of protecting your windows compared to argon gas.

Argon is an inert gas that we can find in the atmosphere. When your windows are filled up with argon, you will get a better efficiency rating out of the window because it provides some more of that protection that you need. Because argon is denser than air, it is better at insulating the home compared to just adding in double pane windows without the gas at all.

If you would like to get some more energy efficiency out of your windows and want that insulation at the same time, then look for double pane windows with argon gas in them.

Does Argon Gas Leak?

The argon gas can leak out from the two panes in your window. It will also settle from the bottom of the window, which may cause some of the glass to bow inward. In addition, the centers of the two panes will start to touch if you do not replace the windows and take good care of them.

Once the gas has had a chance to leak out, all of the insulation is going to be gone and you will not be able to enjoy the energy efficiency as before. This is why you may notice the glass is getting cold in the winter. Watching the windows and making sure they are sealed up properly is the best way to have your windows last for a long time.

How is the Argon Gas Added to the Windows?

The argon is going to be added to the windows as they are produced. The cavity that is between the two panes of the window will be filled under vacuum conditions. This can be done with dehydrated air or inert gas to help improve how much insulation these windows provide while preventing any condensation to show up between them.

Depending on the type of gas that is used here and the type of window, as well as the size of the window, the cavity width for this is between 4 to 20 mm. This can make a difference in how much of the insulation you are able to get into the window too.

This insulation is going to be so good for your home. Not only will help to keep the utility bills as low as possible, but this can also help with noise reduction in many homes.

There is going to be some dead air space that is found between the panes of glass and when you fill it with inert gasses like argon, it will help to protect a bit from invasive noise. If you live in an area that is noisy, having these types of windows will be a good idea.

Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

Most homeowners want to keep their bills down as much as possible, whether it is the summer or the winter. When they go with an energy-efficient type of window, they are able to keep those bills down as much as possible. Choosing a window that has argon inside will be a good way to get strong windows that will last a long time while keeping your home as insulated as possible.