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Greenville Solar Solutions is dedicated to providing residential solar panels in Greenville SC to as many homeowners as possible, bringing clean energy and reduced utility bills to the entire upstate South Carolina area. Unlike franchises that grow their business based on decisions made in a corporate office, Greenville Solar Solutions is an independently, locally owned and operated company dedicated to providing solar panels systems and serving the energy needs of the greater Greenville area. A Start With Solar Panels Greenville SC The founders of Greenville Solar Solutions have always had a passion for green energy and for reducing their carbon footprint, and understand that solar panel installation is one of the best ways for homeowners especially to reduce the amount of pollution for which they’re responsible. Wanting to ensure a cleaner environment for their children and the next generation and beyond, the company’s founders began specializing in the installation of solar solutions for homeowners in particular, ensuring that they could provide solar panels Greenville SC to as many homes and businesses in the upstate area as possible. Solar Installers With a Mission As the company grew, the founders of Greenville Solar Solutions realized that many homeowners were unfamiliar with the technical aspects of the installation of solar panels and needed to learn how the panels actually operate, as well as what to expect by way of cost savings, energy availability, and so on. To that end, the owners of Greenville Solar Solutions realized that educating homeowners on the use of solar power and their expected energy savings after switching to solar panels Greenville SC was as vital as the installation process itself. Unlike franchise owners or other companies who tend to rush through as many installation jobs as possible, the founders of Greenville Solar Solution have made it their mission to work with each homeowner individually, assisting them with finding the right solar panel system for their home, their budget, and their overall energy usage. Their work ensures that residents of the Greenville area understand what to expect from new solar panels and solar power before they ever agree to a purchase. Local Installers of Solar Panels Greenville SC The founders of Greenville Solar Solutions are passionate about the city of Greenville because this city is where they call home! To them, residential solar panels are not just a business, but an investment in the future of their neighborhood and the city where they, as well as all their friends and family, live, work and attend school. Moving forward, the founders of Greenville Solar Solutions have made it their goal to continue to bring as many solar panel systems to the greater Greenville area as possible, and to educate homeowners especially about the benefits of solar power, both for themselves and the next generation. Their passion for green energy and for saving people money on their energy bills with the use of solar panels Greenville SC is what drives them and what will continue to be their mission well into the future.

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  • "Awesome service"
    GSS installed my system now almost a year ago. System has been great. The installation process was quick and they were very responsive and worked extremely well with th roofers who did some job at the time. I have a large system and electric car and my electric bill has never been lower! Thanks!


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