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Plaster Repair Brooklyn
The founder and owner of Brooklyn Plaster Restoration specializes in authentic plaster repair Brooklyn, having learned his craft in Europe, home to some of the most exquisite plaster detailing in the world. Today, he and his crew specialize in repairing plaster walls and ceilings in the Brooklyn area, restoring a structure’s appearance while preserving its historical value and appeal through their specialized techniques in plaster repair and restoration work. A Long History of Authentic Plaster Repair The founder of Brooklyn Plaster Restoration received his training in plaster repair in Europe, working on some of the world’s oldest and most versatile plaster buildings and features. There, he learned the intricate details of plaster creation, with each mixture being unique and typically made by hand. The company’s founder also learned plaster installation techniques. To create stucco walls and ceilings, the material is applied to what is called a lath, or series of wood slats that hold fresh plaster in place. He also learned firsthand what causes plaster to pull away from the lath, crack along its surface, or otherwise suffer damage over the years. Learning the details of stucco itself as well as the overall construction of both aged and new plaster walls and ceilings prepared him for a future career in plaster repair in Brooklyn. Why a Career in Plaster Repair in Brooklyn The founder of Brooklyn Plaster Restoration doesn’t see plaster repair in Brooklyn as just another job. The plaster used in many Brooklyn homes and commercial buildings adds to the historic charm and authenticity of those structures, and many plaster mouldings, medallions, and other such features boast unique designs and details. Replacing damaged plaster walls and ceilings with sheetrock, or damaged plaster moulding with plastic or wood trim can then detract from the structure’s authentic, historical appeal. Repairing plaster mouldings and decorative ceiling medallions preserves the genuineness of a home or office building, maintaining its pre-war look and aesthetic value. As plaster doesn’t feed mold, the founder of Brooklyn Plaster Restoration knows that offering plaster repair Brooklyn as an alternative to replacing damaged stucco with drywall and wood will keep this unhealthy contaminant from spreading throughout a building. Locally Owned and Operated There is another reason why the founder Brooklyn Plaster Restoration is so passionate about offering genuine plaster repair in Brooklyn; he is proud to call this city his home! When you live in the same city in which you work, you know your clients are your neighbors, and you care as much about the appearance and condition of their homes and commercial buildings as they do. Being locally owned and operated also means that the company’s founder knows the history of this city, and understands the various types of plaster used for different structures and how to restore specific designs and details. He has continued to craft his skills in plaster repair Brooklyn and continues to make it his mission to restore genuine, authentic plaster in all buildings in the Brooklyn area and beyond, to preserve their aesthetic and historical value.

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  • "A very good company"
    I had to repair an old plaster job on a ceiling. And people from Brooklyn Plaster Restoration did a fantastic job. They were professional, did everything on time and I'm very happy with the results. Truly masters of their craft!


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