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Historic District of Charleston, South Carolina

What to Do in the Historic District of Charleston, South Carolina?

The Historic District in Charleston, South Carolina is a great place to visit. There are lots to enjoy in this area. Make sure you don’t miss anything! If you haven’t been before, you should learn about it ahead of time. With the help of our friends at the Carolina Marine Group, who do boat tours in Charleston SC, here is everything you should know about the Historic District.

Where is the Historic District in Charleston, South Carolina?

Charleston is a port city. The beautiful historic area covers much of the peninsula of the city. It’s separated by two rivers. It has the Ashley River to the west and the Cooper River to the east.

What Are Some Popular Things to Do in the Historic District?

There are countless things to do in the Historic District. You can’t possibly do them all so you might want to start with the more popular ones. These well-known attractions are sure to make your trip a success!

  • Go on a walking tour: When you visit Charleston, there are plenty of landmarks to visit. There are beautiful streets to walk down. By going on a walking tour, you can take it all in. A tour guide will tell you all you need to know too. One perk of going on a walking tour is that you can get a feel for the area. Then, you can decide what else you would like to do.
  • Take a carriage ride: A carriage ride is another way to take in all that this city has to offer. You can see the historical sights and learn about the city. The drivers are prepared to teach you about the sights you pass by. Again, this gives you an idea of what else you can do in the city.
  • Tour the Fort Sumter National Monument: To get to the monument, you have to take a quick 30-minute boat ride. There, you can explore the island fort. There are cannons to look at. There are historical buildings to visit. You can also walk the battlement, which is neat!
  • Visit Middleton Place: There are some beautiful mansions in Charleston, but this is one of the best! It was built in 1755 and belonged to Arthur Middleton. He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Explore this mansion and see the historic furniture and portraits.
  • Shop at the Charleston City Market: This market is sometimes known as the “Slave Market”. This is because slaves bought food there. Now, it is filled with vendors selling unique items. The stalls offer toys, clothes, and more. Beware of vendors who know it’s a tourist spot though. They may overcharge you for small items.
  • Go on a ghost tour: Did you know that some parts of Charleston are haunted? There are several tour companies that offer ghost tours as well. Some of these are at graveyards. There is one at a haunted jail. Take your pick if you’re into spooky things!
  • Go on a boat tour: You have seen Charleston by land but another great way to see it is from the sea! Learn the history of Charleston as you view the historic sites of the Charleston harbor from the water. 

Can Kids Enjoy Charleston, South Carolina?

With all the options in Charleston, there is something for everyone to enjoy. This includes the kids

According to Mommy Poppins, the city is easy to get around. Many of the tourist spots and attractions welcome kids and families!  

Things to Consider When Visiting Charleston

One of the first things to do when planning your trip is to figure out how much time you have. Then, you need to decide what you want to do. Talk to your fellow travelers and see what you all want to do.

These two factors will determine a lot about your trip. This can help you to plan the rest of the details.

Even though you would like to spend weeks in this city, you don’t need that much time. According to Finding the Universe, you can still hit many of the highlights in two days.

Of course, you will then need to book a hotel, find transportation, and choose a few places to eat.

When to Visit Charleston

According to US News Travel, you should go to Charleston from March to May or September to November. It gets humid in the summer. Note that tourists visit in the fall so there may be crowds. It’s still a beautiful time to visit!

Where to Eat in Charleston

There are only good restaurants in Charleston. Most of them will exceed your expectations! Be sure to try out some authentic southern food at some point.

Here are a few great places to eat:

  • Swig & Swine
  • Brown Dog Deli
  • Halls Chophouse
  • Circa 1886 Restaurant
  • 167 Raw

Don’t be afraid to try something new here too!


As you can see, the Historic District in Charleston, South Carolina has lots to offer. There is something for everyone to enjoy. From the historic sites to the shopping options, it’s the perfect place for a trip. Plan for a few days in this amazing area so you can take it all in!