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About The Stylus

We work with hundreds of local businesses across the world

From dentists to roofers and doctors to restaurants, we make finding local businesses easy! TheStylus.net offers all the top local business categories, organized user-friendly format.

No pop-ups, no annoying flashing banner ads, and no spammy advertising. On The Stylus, you won’t have to endure cell phone, cable or weight loss ads when all you really need is a mechanic.

Our local business profiles are all category specific. So, as you would expect, the information on a profile for an IT Company is very different than the information for a dentist or nail salon. All local businesses in the same category use the same profiles which makes it easy to compare products and services between different businesses.

For Businesses.

The Stylus is a hand-selected directory of local businesses. We DO NOT offer every business a listing on our site and you CAN NOT pay to get listed either. We only list businesses that we personally review and do business with.

We only want to offer consumers the best of the best, so they don’t have to worry that they see are paying advertisers.